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 Imperialist Party Manifesto

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John Marcus
John Marcus

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PostSubject: Imperialist Party Manifesto   Sun Jan 17, 2010 7:11 pm

Imperialist Party Manifesto

We, the Imperialist Party of these eUnited States, in order to promote a stronger, wealthier, more fun eUS, present this Manifesto.

The eUS, by virtue of its real life sentiments, is hindered by anti-imperialist political philosophy. Even more, the conquering of nearly all the eUS by the tyrannical alliance, PEACE CG, has made our citizenry wary of Imperialist activities that opened the door and supposedly precipitated the invasion of North America.

Much has changed since those days. We have a strong nation, growing stronger with each passing day. The eUS must not shy away from conflict. Conflict is the source of advancement in the eWorld, and Imperialism is the means of supremacy.

Maintaining Player Participation

The slow death of maintaining the status quo is advocated as a righteous cause in our political forums. Such a course of action will result in nothing but boredom and our eventual defeat at the hands of our enemies who are more aggressive. We can not hope to retain players if we tell them that we are to sit upon the walls of our fortress states and do nothing but fight in liberation wars and in the conquests of our allies.

The eUS abides by the “Fortress Doctrine”. In short, we have Q5 hospitals in two regions of the U.S. homeland. This encourages citizens to locate there for the healing benefits. The increased population makes these territories extremely expensive and difficult to conquer. While the debate concerning whether we should add more hospitals has become a flashpoint of debate, it is not central to the Imperialist message. We believe that the eUS should use its full powers and wealth, when prudent, to maximize player retention.


In order to form a stronger eUS, we must make all efforts to retain high resource regions of every kind. While in pursuit of this goal we must attempt to take high resource regions from our enemies so that we may become stronger and they may become impotent. Such fortitude is sure to be met with increased economic activity, a benefit to all eAmericans.

The Imperialist Party fully supports a privately held, eUS Stock Exchange. Such an exchange would be an exciting, new element to the game that will surely interest some players and improve participation and retention. While we do believe in heavy intervention abroad and in military matters, the Imperialist Party believes that the most effective means of maintaining a healthy economy is to have limited government interference.

The eU.S. must compete in and dominate a thriving robust world economy. Every aspect of our effectiveness as an eNation depends on our ability to maintain a healthy economy in which the average player can earn a decent wage. If average players have expendable income, the entire eU.S. benefits in every aspect.


The Imperialist Party advocates extended campaigns of conquest for several reasons. First, the more territories we take, the more tax revenue comes in that can be spent on domestic improvements, player development, and our military. Second, the more territories we take from our enemies, the more we weaken their fighting capabilities. Third, we have several real life U.S. citizens living in other countries because we are not aggressive; wars would help to bring them back home. Finally, it’s just plain FUN, and games are supposed to be fun.

The people of the eUS need not be afraid of failure, undoubtedly we will taste the bitterness of defeat if we are more aggressive. We must meet it in full confidence that each defeat will make us stronger. The triumphs of our enemy should be a rallying call for more participation and better organization. We stand to lose nothing by defeat. Would our enemies renew their efforts in North America, it will merely serve to increase our ranks, making our next offensive that much more effective.


The Imperialist Party will never advocate betraying faithful allies. We have seen their efforts on our home soil and must act in kind to assure their success.

In regards to our current foreign possessions, such agreements that are necessary between our allies and ourselves should be made to ensure that those regions are used to their fullest potential.

We should not fear losing our allies due to an imperialist approach to the game. In fact, many of our allies have shown a tendency to imperialism and would likely be encouraged if we took a more aggressive stance. We fight in our allies’ wars of expansion, yet we refuse to fight in our own. It is high time that the eU.S. show some boldness.


The eU.S. must make all efforts to dominate the eworld. The beginning of this is player recruitment. It is from new players that we increase our wealth, military power, and influence. In order to truly subdue our enemies, we must infiltrate their parties, their military, their economy, their congress, in every aspect of their existence as an eNation, we must exercise dominion.

In closing, the main point is that this is a game, and games are made to be won, and more importantly games are made to be fun. If, as a country, we take the stance that maintaining our borders and helping small countries restore theirs is our goal, then we will quickly begin to notice players either dying off or leaving for greener pastures. Imperialism is part of this game, so the real question is not "will there be an imperialist movement", but rather "will our country choose to make this game dynamic and enjoyable for its citizens by helping grow our own empire along with our allies." The alternative is for our country to wait in a defensive posture until a weaker eUS is forced to deal with another empire that will eventually be knocking down our borders.

Imperium et Gloria
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Imperialist Party Manifesto
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